Jobhunting can be time consuming, whether you’re looking for a part-time job, internship, or graduate role. Balancing this with your studies isn’t always easy.

Its important to start this process early. Many graduate opportunities will start to be advertised early into your final year of study. If you want to get a place on a graduate programme with a big-brand graduate recruiter, you can expect to begin the application process as early as the October of your final year.

If your unsure what type of role, employer or sector your interested in working in, try the ‘Job Hunting and Networking’ unit on the Career Development Course for more information and guidance.

Visit our Where to find jobs page for further information on job hunting.


A mentor is a great way to build a professional network, develop communication skills, and confidence. They can help you explore difference career options and help you to expend your professional network.

The mentor is usually experienced within their field. It’s a personalised experience whereby the mentor shares knowledge, expertise and guidance based on their own experience, with the mentee to help them develop.

We can help you find a mentor through the Swansea Alumni Professional Mentoring Programme!


Building an effective network can help you gain career insight into an organisation or industry, which can help you decide if you want to purse your career ideas. It allows you to find out the hidden job market, before a job is advertised, which could open work experience opportunities for you.

We host several events with employers throughout the year, giving you plenty of opportunities to meet and network with employers. Find out more on our events page.

Don’t forget, networking and building relations can happen online as well as in person. Use social media to engage with employers. LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok can be great places to find out more about an organisation’s work culture and values. As well as their latest developments and company news. This can be great information you could use within the recruitment process.

For more information on the networking do’s and don’ts, complete the ‘Job Hunting and Networking’ unit on the Career Development Course.