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Undertake the Career Development Course and your course will be formally recognised in your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

A degree is most important to getting a great job, but employers look for much more than a degree when choosing which graduates to offer jobs to. Getting experience and developing skills whilst you study and during your holiday periods will give you a competitive edge.

But what exactly do you want to do when you graduate? What kind of work would suit you?

Some work requires you to have had some experience before you apply. The course helps you to explore who you are and then gain experience and develop skills.

The Career Development Course is one of your Modules in Canvas.  Log into Canvas to enroll.

If you complete any 5 units you will achieve the Career Development Course; on completion of 10 or more units you will achieve the Advanced Career Development Course which will be recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

Be sure to have completed by the end of May in your final year of study to ensure that it does go onto your HEAR.

There are 16 units in the Career Development Course such as:

Some of these units are best followed in sequence, but can be taken in any order if you so wish to do.

The Career Development Course is open to any student and if you decide to do it please follow the instructions in Canvas and complete the units.

Some of you will be completing the CDC on your course, but there is no difference to you doing it voluntarily except that you might be gaining credits on an employability module.

If you have previously achieved the SEA award, please note that this course has brand new content and assessment which you have to complete; your previous work on the SEA award cannot be transferred or count towards the Career Development Course.