Your Examinations

Examinations – Semesters One and Two 2022/23

As the Swansea University Exams Office, we:

  • Facilitate the setting up and managing exam periods for in-person examinations
  • Produce the exam timetable for in-person examinations, liaising closely with the Schools and Colleges
  • Provide support and make arrangements for students who receive provision for their in-person examinations

There will be a blend of both online and in-person assessments taking place across the University which has been determined by your Faculty.

Your Faculty will advise you on the type of assessment you will be undertaking, and you will be notified of the dates of your assessment at least 4 weeks in advance of the assessment taking place.

If you have been assessed by the University as requiring provisions (e.g rest breaks/extra time), the Exams Office will ensure that suitable provisions are put in place for in-person exams. Provision arrangements for online assessments are managed by the Faculties.

It is recommended anyone who tests positive for Covid-19, should stay at home and not attend in person examinations.  It is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate, however to reduce the risk of giving the virus to others if you have symptoms you should test, and self-isolate if you test positive

The University expects you to attend the exams for the modules on which you have enrolled in accordance with the official timetable. The conduct of University exams is governed by strict rules, set by the University, which include rules on absence from exams, conduct during an exam and academic misconduct. 

Examination Offences

Swansea University takes examination offences very seriously. 

Being caught committing an examination offence can have a devastating effect on your future career.

An examination offence, often referred to as 'unfair practice' or 'academic misconduct' constitutes any act whereby you obtain, attempt to obtain, an unpermitted advantage - whether for yourself or someone else.

Examination offences.