Introducing the MySwansea App, your new home for all things Swansea University! Access all the essentials for student life, all in one place. Whether you want to organise your university life more easily, or need quick access to important information between lectures, this App is for you! 

What is MySwansea?

The MySwansea App is a new initiative that brings together all the essentials for student life in one, easy to access place.

MySwansea gives instant access to many features that students use on a daily basis, such as emails, timetables and Canvas. Other features include campus maps, bus timetables, Uni Food Hub App, SafeZone App and much more!

Making it the perfect solution for all students looking to make busy university life, that little bit easier.

How Do I Get Started?

The MySwansea App is easy to use! Please download the App using the appropriate button below. Or you can search 'MySwansea' into your relevant App store.

Once downloaded, if you are a new student arriving at the University, please select and use the ‘New Student Arrivals’ button.

If you are a current student, please select the ‘Current Student Login’ button and then enter your university login details to get started.

It’s that easy!

Download MySwansea Today!

You can also use a web version of the App here. However, we recommended downloading MySwansea for the full experience!

Support and Additional Information

If you are experiencing any difficulties downloading, accessing and/or using the App, please ensure your mobile operating software is up to date and always use the latest version of the App. Please ensure you are entering your university login details correctly.

If you are still experiencing any difficulties, you can raise the issue with the university's IT Service Desk.