Coronavirus: latest information

We are currently reviewing attendance monitoring procedures for the 20/21 academic year in light of the changing circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We will update the information on this page as soon as the new procedures are confirmed.

Engagement Monitoring

We are committed to improving the experience of students studying here at Swansea university. We believe that monitoring attendance can help us ensure your welfare and support you to progress and reach your academic goals. We are also subject to External requirements to provide attendance information when requested to the Student Finance England/Wales, UKVI and financial sponsors. 

  • WELFARE - If you aren't engaging with your studies, we want to know so we can offer advice and support to get you re-engaged and succeeding with your studies. 
  • SLC - We have to confirm to SLC that you are here studying each term in order to release your Maintenance Payments.
  • UKVI - IF you are studying here with a Tier 4 visa, we must tell the UKVI if you should stop engaging with your studies.
  • Academic Progress – Your College use attendance data in conjunction with your attendance at Academic Mentor/Supervisor meetings and assessment data to ensure that your academic progress is on track and offer you support if you need it.
  • Timetabling - Please help us maintain your accurate attendance percentage by checking any unmatched swipes against your timetable.

How we monitor depends on your current mode of study

Contact your college for further information on your mode of study.