Coronavirus: latest information

How can we help you?

The MyUniHub team are here to help you access a wide range of University support services and to help you resolve any queries you may have.

** Due to the current situation MyUniHub is operating a limited online service.  The MyUniHub desks are closed so we are unable to see students face to face or take telephone queries. Please contact us at

While we won’t be able to provide replacement certificates or original transcripts we can provide interim student statements confirming your course, dates studied and award gained if applicable.  For these and all other enquiries please email us.**


Hello and welcome to MyUniChat! We’re here to answer any queries you may have.

What we expect from you
  • To explain clearly what you need from us
  • To show consideration towards the privacy of others using our service
  • To treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • To keep all booked appointments
What you can expect from us
  • To provide a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment
  • To answer you promptly, be courteous and friendly and confirm who you are speaking to
  • To aim to answer your query on the first visit or telephone call or within 24 hours of receiving your email
  • To let you know when my MyUniHub is closed or if there may be a delay in responding to your enquiry
Enquiries from parents/guardians

Please note that due to Data Protection legislation we are unable to discuss any matters relating to a student without the prior permission of the student. 

It's not that we don't want to talk to you, we just have a legal requirement to adhere to guidelines on what information we can give you. We will happily to talk to you about any general queries, but we can't go into specific details unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing your son or daughter from contacting us. Plus we must have your son or daughter's written permission for us to do so.


Enquiries from third parties

Swansea University uses Hedd to administer all third party verification enquiries in regard to current and former students.

Hedd is UK Higher Education's official service for candidate verification and university authentication. It offers a centralised system for degree verification that connects employers, agencies, universities, embassies and councils.

You can verify a current or past student's place of study, the award and grade received and dates of attendance. Please note: the consent of the student must be obtained in order to use this service

Any queries should be addressed to:

Hedd is not for use by students or graduates to verify their own awards. Such enquiries should be made to MyUniHub.