MyUniHub can provide evidence of your student status to apply for Council Tax Exemption. Please note that students do not need Council Tax Certificates for university accommodation.

Should you require a Council Tax Certificate, one can be obtained from a digital copy for your Gradintel accout. If required, we can provide paper copies which can be collected or posted to you. If collecting in person, you will be required to provide identification (e.g. student card).

  • Please note that you must be enrolled on your course before requesting a Council Tax letter.
  • Please ensure you update your term time address before requesting a proof of enrolment statement via Gradintel or from the MyUniHub team. (n.b.There is a short delay between updating your address on your account and the update appearing on your Gradintel hosted letter)

The City and County of Swansea Council receives lists of all Swansea University registered full time students on a regular basis, if their term address falls within the area covered by the City and County of Swansea. However, you will still need to request a Council Tax Certificate from MyUniHub in the following cases:

  • You do not live in the Swansea area (n.b. please advise if your local council needs specific details mentioned in the letters we provide. We are not always able to fulfill these requests)
  • Your parents may need evidence of your student status

Please note that the final decision for Council Tax Exemption lies with the relevant local authority. Visit Swansea Council's pages here.

'Council Tax' is a 'household tax' which is set by local councils to help pay for the services that they provide. People are not exempt from council tax, but properties may be. This means that students are not exempt but a property occupied by only full-time students will be exempt. In properties where students and non-students live, the property will not be exempt but a reduced charge may apply, depending upon how many adults live in the property and how many of these adults can be treated as full-time students.