Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

Transferring/Suspending or Withdrawing from your course

Thinking of changing your course? - Transfer of Programme

Are you thinking about changing to a different course within this University? If you are considering taking an alternative programme of study to the one you are currently on, then you should have a chat with the department you wish to join to see if they would approve your transfer onto your chosen course. You should also speak with your current department so that they can give you more information/advice on the process, and get this started if you decide to go ahead.

Please also check out the advice from Money@CampusLife about the potential financial implications to making changes to your studies.


Need a break from your studies? – Suspension of Studies

Students may request to suspend their studies (this allows you to pause your studies temporarily, and return at a later date – usually during the next academic session). Students may request to suspend for health reasons, or other personal circumstances. If you think suspending your studies might be something you want to do, or you would like more information on this, please have a chat with your department who can talk you through your options and start the suspension process (if you choose to proceed with this).

Please also check out the advice from Money@CampusLife about the potential financial implications of suspending your studies.


Withdrawing from your studies

We would recommend that any student considering withdrawing from their studies first speak with their department about any support that might be available to them and to talk about all the other options available to them (including suspending studies – see above). If, after speaking with their department and considering all the options, students decide they want to withdraw then My Uni Hub will assist with the withdrawal process. We are happy to talk to you about this and provide further information – please just contact us. 

Please be aware that access to your IT account, including your student mailbox, will end when you leave the University. You will be notified by email when your account is due to close. More information about the account closure process can be found here.

Please also check out the advice from Money@CampusLife about the potential financial implications of leaving your studies.