A new University structure

To improve consistency across the University and ensure parity of student experience we are making changes to our University structure. 

The new structure will consist of three new Faculties instead of the existing eight Colleges.

1. Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Science
2. Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
3. Faculty of Science & Engineering

Please note the structure of The College will not be changing.

Our priority is to ensure the continuity of your learning experience, so we will not be making large changes, instead interim arrangements will be place from 1st August 2021. We will be working with the Students' Union, Student Reps and staff ensure your feedback is used to continue to develop the newly created structures, building on areas of excellence already in place across the University. 

To minimise disruption to students there should be no major changes to your teaching, learning and assessment and the changes you do notice will include improved services relating to your student experience.

What will the new structure look like?

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Science

The Faculty will consist of the following Schools: 

  • School of Health and Social Care
  • School of Psychology
  • Medical School
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Science and Engineering The College

What does this mean for me?

Your academic subject will retain its identity and you will study the same programme with the same students. The new structure will allow more opportunities for collaboration across our subject areas making things consistent regardless of where you study. The new structures will simplify the way we work, integrating educational and research activities across related academic disciplines, opening up more opportunities for collaboration and enabling students and staff to work together in new ways across our Faculties.

We are working towards revising policies and processes to be consistent across all our Faculties meaning a greater parity of experience for all our students. We will be building upon best practice from across the University to deliver the best possible student experience.

The new Faculties will be live for the next academic year, however many of the changes we are making will be behind the scenes. For most students you won’t notice a change at the beginning of the academic year, although you may hear people refer to the new Faculties rather than your previous College.