Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

MyUniHub can provide you with a document confirming that you are enrolled on a course at Swansea University. Before requesting proof of enrolment, please ensure that your home and term time addresses are correct. You can change these details via your Intranet account.

If you have any official forms that require a University signature, please bring them to MyUniHub.

Certified copies

  • Due to issues of security, duplicate degree certificates are not provided. If you require additional copies of your certificate, MyUniHub can provide you with certified copies. If you would like a certified copy of your degree certificate, you can either bring your certificate to MyUniHub or email us a good quality scanned copy. We will then certify this as a true copy of the original certificate. There is a cost of £5 per copy (or £10 for 5 copies) for this service.


  • Please note: the University is unable to ‘notarise’ your degree certificate. If you require this service you will need to contact a licensed Notary Public