• Arrive at the venue in good time before the start of the exam.
  • Place your ID card on the desk. This should be clearly visible and placed face up
  • Check the front cover of the exam paper to make sure you are taking the correct examination
  • Write clearly and in English (unless another language is specified for the exam)
  • Do all rough work in the booklets provided and cross through if you do not want the rough work to be marked
  • Raise your hand and wait for an invigilator if you have a query, feel unwell, need to use the toilet or require more stationery
  • Raise your hand if you wish to leave your exam early (only permitted between 45 minutes after the start of the exam and the last 15 minutes). You must ensure you have completed all the necessary details on all answer books, and leave the examination quietly, taking your personal belongings with you.
  • At the end of the exam, remain at your desk until your answer book has been collected by an invigilator and you have been told to leave
  • Leave the examination venue quickly and quietly and remember to take your personal belongings with you.

Do Not...

  • Bring in any unauthorised notes/material
  • Attempt to communicate with anyone in the examination venue, other than an invigilator
  • Open the question paper until you are told to do so. You may read the cover to ensure you are taking the correct examination paper.
  • Have any electronic devices on your person
  • Bring any food into the examination venue
  • Enter the venue if the examination has been in progress for 30 minutes after the published start time
  • Leave the venue until the examination has been in progress for 45 minutes or during the last 15 minutes
  • Cause any kind of disturbance
  • Continue to write after it has been announced that the exam has finished.
  • Take the exam paper or any used/unused answer booklets away from the venue
  • Talk until you are outside the examination venue