Students Requiring Provision

In order to receive provision for your exams, you must first make contact and be assessed by Wellbeing & Disability Services. Please do not assume that because you had provision in school or your previous education provider that you will receive them at Swansea University

Your provisions are automatically applied to any in-person exams you sit during your time at Swansea, unless you inform us otherwise. Following your assessment with the Disability/Wellbeing service, you will be sent a confirmation email with details of your exam provision recommendations, and information on how each provision is applied to your on-site exams.

You will also be offered the opportunity to book an in-person meeting should you wish to discuss your provisions. Please note that any in-person meeting to discuss your provisions must take place before midday on the dates below.

January 2024 Thursday 7th December 2023
May/June 2024 Thursday 18th April 2024
August Supplementary 2024 Thursday 25th July 2024

You must attend your provisions venue as detailed on your Intranet Timetable, as there will no longer be a seat available for you in the main venue. If there are any provisions that you don’t want to be applied to your on-site exams, or you wish to decline your provisions all together and sit in the main venues, please let us know.

When the personalised exam timetable is published on your intranet account, it will show your appropriate provisions exam venue, along with brief details of your provision arrangements. Any extra time/rest breaks will not be reflected in the exam duration shown on your timetable, but the invigilators will be aware of your entitlements.