A postgraduate degree is a higher-level qualification that will further develop your knowledge in a particular subject area. You usually have to have completed an undergraduate degree before you can continue on to postgraduate study.
Postgraduate study is typically divided into two broad areas; taught and research programmes.

Why choose postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study can be a highly beneficial experience if you pursue the right course for the right reasons. 
Postgraduate study can:

  • Be essential for some career areas such as teaching, social work, medicine and many others
  • Lead onto a career in academic research and teaching
  • Help you stand out in the job market
  • Help you change your career direction

When thinking about postgraduate study, be sure about what you want to study, why and how this will fit in with your career plans. 

How can SEA help support my postgraduate study journey?

Our Career Development Course has many modules that may be helpful when your career planning and throughout the postgraduate application process.  

Try the following Career Development Course units for more information and guidance: Applications and Personal Statements and Career Options.

Our specialised Career Consultants are also on hand for one-to-one appointments to help support you through your postgraduate study journey. Whether you’re looking for guidance on which university to apply for, the postgraduate application process or your next steps whilst you’re studying your masters, we’re here for you.