If you’re thinking of studying a postgraduate course abroad, your options are endless. This may also bring additional considerations you’ll need to think about.

Each university, and potentially country, will have individual entry requirements that you’ll need to meet.

You’ll also need to think about:

  • What language is the course taught in?

If you’re looking to study in English, Find a Masters have a handy guide with country profiles and information on courses taught in English. Study.EU also has lots of information on studying through the medium of English at European Universities.

  • Course fees?

Postgraduate courses vary in cost across different universities and countries. It’s also worth considering how much support you might receive as a postgraduate student at each individual university and country, as this may vary too.

  • Working in another country

Research visa requirements for the individual country where you’re considering studying. Are you able to work whilst you study? Can you stay in your chosen country to work once you’ve completed your course?  

You can apply to as many courses and universities as you wish. However, it’s wise to focus your search and concentrate on submitting quality applications to individual universities.