Application forms are widely used, from small businesses to global brands. Before starting an application, make sure you do sufficient research!

Make sure you understand the role and write your application in relation to the skills required. Complete ALL sections, we know this may sounds obvious, but it can be easy to miss a section when there are multiple parts to a question, for example. Read each question carefully and provide examples which demonstrate your ability to carry out the job.

If you’re applying for post-graduate study, you may be asked to complete an application which includes a personal statement. Include examples of how your undergraduate study and any relevant work experience has helped you prepare for further study. Be sure to include how the post-graduate course will help you achieve your career goals.

Try the ‘Application forms and personal statements’ unit in the Career Development Course for more information and guidance.

Can I get help with application forms?

Once you’ve drafted an application form, we’re here to help! Book a careers appointment to get feedback from our Careers Consultants before you submit your application.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are increasingly used by employers to assess ability, attitude, and personality, as well as how you preform in a variety of tasks. They are an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, including communication, time management and teamwork, as well as personal attributes such as motivation.

You may be asked to attend an assessment centre, or these can sometimes be done remotely. This will depend on the individual employer.

Psychometric tests may be used at different stages of the graduate selection process:

  • After you submit your online application form. You are typically sent links to tests to take online
  • Alongside a first interview
  • At a later stage, possibly with a second interview or as part of an assessment centre. You may be re-tested at this point to confirm the results of earlier tests

Try the ‘Succeed with Psychometric Tests unit in the Career Development Course for more information and guidance.

All Swansea University students and graduates* can access our Profiling for Success tool. An online reasoning skills tests and personal development package.

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