Students in a CAD lab

The SEA Team provides impartial, confidential services to all our current students and recent graduates, and we are committed to equal opportunities in line with the University’s Strategic Equality Plan.

We actively seek to tailor our services to meet individuals’ needs, and we work in partnership with other professional services across the campus to help us achieve this. This section includes resources created by the Disability Office in order to help disabled students overcome perceived barriers and navigate the transition from university to the world of work.

Here are a couple of examples of ways in which we can help:

  • Based within SEA, we have the Career Boost Programme which provides work experience opportunities for students who may face barriers to gaining work experience, and is therefore well placed to help disabled students find placements.
  • The Employment Zone provides information and advice on job hunting and finding work experience opportunities. Some funding is available for bursaries to cover any employability-related spending, which could include things to make placements/internships more easily accessible for students with disabilities.

As mentioned above, SEA services are open to any current student/recent graduate, so please explore all the resources in our SEA web pages.