Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

If you are struggling and have circumstances that impact your ability to complete or submit your final assessments during the May/June 2022 Final Exam period, there are two options to consider. These options will apply to final assessments held for Semester 2 modules during the assessment period running from 9th May - 1st June 2022.

For other coursework assessments, please follow the Continuous Coursework Extenuating Circumstances guidance and request Extenuating Circumstances through the Faculty Intranet.

Please see the summary of options below and read further to see details of what circumstances are eligible and how to apply for each option. For further detail, please also see the University Extenuating Circumstances guidance and also the Extenuating Circumstances and Financial Implications guidance available from Money@CampusLife.

Extenuating Circumstances Options During the May/June 2022 Exam Period

Option 1: Assessment Deferral

  • Students with eligible circumstances may apply to have any of the May/June 2022 Semester 2 Final Exams deferred. If approved, this gives students the option to defer one or more final assessments, and sit the deferred assessment in a future assessment period.
  • Students who have approved deferrals will sit the deferred exams in the August 2022 Supplementary exam period.

Option 2: Temporary Provisions 

  • Temporary Provisions apply only to students who have sudden, short term conditions that impact them during the assessment period. 
  • Please note that any temporary provisions agreed for either online or onsite exams will ONLY apply to the exam period in which provisions are requested. 
  • Please note that any temporary provisions agreed for online exams will ONLY apply to assessments that are 24 hours or less in duration.

How to apply for Deferrals and Temporary Provisions