Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

No events this week

There are no events this week. Our new courses and workshops start on the 29th of September. Whilst you're here, have a look at everything else the Centre for Academic Success has to offer below.

What else is happening?

Online Learning
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We offer a range of free online resources, available to all students. You can undertake as many as you like during your time at university. Our online courses cover the transition to university, study skills, academic integrity, reading, writing and maths and stats. We currently have the following resources available:

Academic Success: Skills for Learning, Skills for Life

Maths Hub

Essential Study Skills

AS-103 Critical Thinking Self Study Course 

AS-110 Academic Listening Self Study Course

AS-111 Grammar Basics Self Study Course 

AS-300 Academic Writing 2 Self Study Course

One-to-One Appointments
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You can book a one-to-one appointment up to once per week for tailored advice on specific aspects of your academic work. You will get the most from your appointment if you have questions in mind that you would like specific feedback on. We offer the following types of appointments:

  • Appointments for Essay Writing
  • Appointments for Mathematics
  • Appointments for Microsoft Skills
  • Appointments for Presentations
  • Appointments for Statistics

Book an appointment by clicking this button

Starting Soon
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Our new term of courses begins on Wednesday 29th September, and bookings are now open! Head to our catalogue to browse the courses and workshops that are available, or check out the different categories of courses and workshops below:

Writing Skills

Analytical Skills

Study Skills

Mathematical Skills

Presentation Skills

Digital Skills

Language Skills