level of study Level 1, 2, 3, Master's and PhD level
time taken to complete Online bite-sized courses

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Essential Study Skills is a Canvas course packed full of interactive e-learning resources on academic reading, essay writing and other key study skills. Each resource is bite-sized and your progress is saved as you go along, so you can bolster your own skills, at your own pace.


This self study course is made up of the following modules:

Learning How to Learn

Based on the latest research in learning science, these bite-sized courses cover how to remember more, faster, how your space can affect your learning, and steps you can take to solve creative problems.

Academic Reading

In order to get the most out of your course and to write well informed assignments, you will need to read from a variety of sources.  However, without any strategies to help you, it is easy to end up reading a source without fully engaging with it, resulting in wasted time and a lack of understanding. These bite-sized courses outline some of the actions you can take to make sure you really benefit from your time spent reading. 

Academic Writing

The bite-sized courses in this module will introduce you to the most effective ways of writing your essays. Good academic writing is built on understanding the question and effective planning. Spending time on these activities will help you to produce a well written introduction with a clear thesis statement, a cohesive main body that builds a logical argument and a concise conclusion that effectively concludes your argument.


A good grasp of Grammar will make you a better writer. It will help you express your ideas more clearly and concisely. It is useful to be able to identify the grammatical elements within a text and understand how they work together to construct good sentences.