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level of study Students whose first language is not English
time taken to complete Approximately 10 hours

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This course is best suited for students whose first language is not English. Attend these sessions to improve your listening skills and learn effective note-taking strategies.

Information: Modules that carry the AS- code are non-credit bearing modules. This means that successful completion of these modules by attending 80% of the course, will appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).


This course will help you to improve listening skills and learn effective note-taking strategies when your first language is not English using academic English in a lecture setting.

LESSON 1: Introduction and Listening Skills

This first lesson will introduce you to the structure of the course and then you'll take a pre-test to help measure your progress over the next 10 sessions.

LESSON 2: Improving Listening

In this lesson we will watch a video about how babies learn to make the sounds needed for the language they speak.

LESSON 3: Note-taking

In this lesson we will explore how to best prepare for a situation wherein listening will be especially important.

LESSON 4: Preparing to listen

In this lesson we will explore how you can use clues both before and during listening to help predict the main ideas of the talk.

LESSON 5: Listening for Key Ideas with Signposting

In this lesson we will listen to a lecture from a psychology class at Yale University.  The focus is on identifying main ideas by listening out for signposting language.

LESSONS 6-10: Listening Practice

In these lessons we will continue our listening practice by watching different videos and answering comprehension question.