Coronavirus Recovery: advice and latest information

30-minute Appointments

You can book a one-to-one appointment once per week for tailored advice on specific aspects of your academic work. You will get the most from your appointment if you have questions in mind that you would like specific feedback on.

To book these appointments you will be required to sign in using your University email and password.

About appointments for Essay Writing

These appointments typically address queries regarding essay structure, grammar, quality of writing and demonstration of key skills within your work.

These appointments are not a proof-reading service and do not cover formatting queries. If you want to discuss the formatting of a piece of work, please book a Microsoft Skills appointment.

About appointments for Mathematics

These appointments typically address queries relating to calculus, algebra, differential equations and numerical methods.

These appointments do not cover computer programming or statistics queries. If you have a query relating to statistics or statistical programming please book a Statistics Appointment.

About appointments for Microsoft Skills

Grab a 30 minute appointment with our resident Microsoft Office guru. They can help with your formatting queries in Word, Slide and Poster Design, and Sorting Data in Excel.

About appointments for Presentations

These appointments are suitable for anyone with queries regarding a Presentation. Examples of typical queries include presentation structure, delivery, managing nerves, and public speaking techniques.

These appointments do not cover slide design. If you wish to discuss slide design, please book a Microsoft Skills appointment.

About appointments for Statistics

These appointments typically address queries relating to data treatment, where to begin, which statistical test to run, interpreting findings, assumption testing, and defining variables. 

Our advisor's expertise are primarily in SPSS but they are also able to offer some help with excel, R, Python and JASP, or signpost another service where necessary.

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