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Plagiarism is an academic offence where another person’s ideas are not appropriately acknowledged. This includes referencing incorrectly, poor paraphrasing, presenting someone else’s work as your own. At Swansea University, academic staff use Turnitin software to help them identify plagiarised work.

It is important to note that plagiarised work is referred for academic misconduct proceedings, which in some cases, can lead to expulsion from the University.  Breaking copyright laws can also lead to fines and legal proceedings.

In addition, the skills you acquire to avoid plagiarism, such as paraphrasing and referencing, represent key aspects of engaged learning and professional rigor, sought by both academic institutions and future employers.

What the Centre for Academic Success offers

Within our courses, workshops and online training, we cover topics such as quoting, paraphrasing and academic integrity. We can help you identify what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  Starting from the planning stages of research, through to the final draft of your work. We teach strategies which can help you avoid the classic pitfalls that often lead to plagiarism.

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