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Learning how to break tasks down, prioritise and create realistic plans can seem like a chore. This is not the case at all; in fact, when you manage your studies effectively, you may find that you have more time, not less. You will also be more motivated and confident, and you will avoid a build-up of tasks that need completing.

Multiple demands from your course, if not managed well, can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. This can increase your stress levels and may result in you being unable to complete tasks to a standard that reflects your ability, by the submission deadline. Managing your workload effectively will help you to keep up with the pace of study and reduce the pressure.

What the Centre for Academic Success offers

We provide sessions on time management, exam skills, and a range of writing courses, as well as online resources on note taking, reading skills and understanding plagiarism. In addition, we offer individual support to help you improve these skills. 

You will learn a number of strategies that can help you to manage your workload more efficiently. Strategies that will assist you in breaking down tasks into more manageable elements, which will then help with planning and prioritising.  

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