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Critical thinking is the ability to make good judgements about a certain issue. It helps you identify and understand arguments and evidence, and use this understanding to answer a question or suggest a suitable course of action to solve a problem.

Getting good marks in university requires you to demonstrate critical thinking. The best assignment answers are those that present logical, informed and original arguments. Your assignment results will often be a reflection of how well you use and demonstrate critical thinking skills, and how far you move beyond just describing an issue.

Critical thinking skills can also help you to solve problems in everyday life, and help you to present information more persuasively. These factors make critical thinking a key life skill and something that is highly desired by employers.

What the Centre for Academic Success offers

Our Critical Thinking courses aim to improve your ability to think critically about a topic and make good, evidence-based decisions, while our Rhetoric course will help you learn how to avoid bad arguments and understand how people are influenced. Our writing and speaking courses also cover strategies to help you present arguments persuasively and with clarity.

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