Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and statues of Aristotle, Churchill and Mandela
level of study Level 1, 2, 3, Master's and PhD level
time taken to complete 5 x 2 hour workshops
certificate If you attend 80% of this course, it will appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report.

In a post-truth world of fake news, alternative facts and micro-targeting, the art of understanding and using rhetoric is more important than ever. This course will provide students with the skills to identify elements of rhetoric in communication. Through identification, students will be able to deconstruct communicative practices and engage more critically with all types of information. As well as equipping students with a greater degree of information literacy to meet the challenges of digital citizenship, it will allow for an understanding of how to construct persuasive arguments through rhetorical devices.

Upcoming courses in the Spring Term 2024

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Tuesdays 10:00 - 12:00

Starting on the 6th February 2024

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