Laboratory Safety at Swansea University

Hazardous substances are not the only risks when working in laboratories.  There are also a number of items of equipment, which if not used properly can cause injury and in some circumstances even property damage.

Laboratories can contain a range of hazards from glassware, scalpels and needles to chemicals, biological material and lasers.  If you are a lab user please make sure you are familiar with the local rules for the facility and carry out your experiments and activities in line with the risk assessments and standard operating procedures.

If you are unsure of how to work with a specific material or piece of equipment please ask a colleague, supervisor, member of technical staff or your H&S Lead/ Advisor.

For more information please see your local laboratory rules. 

Guidance and templates for specific hazards can be found by expanding the titles below.

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Report an Adverse Event

Contact Health and Safety

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