New Students and Swansea University IT Account Information


You are required to set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA) so that your account is secure. MFA allows you to verify your identity using security information or authentication methods. It is a required step in setting up and maintaining your account.

Setting up MFA to prove your identity will also allow you to reset (in the case of a forgotten password) or change your password by using Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) at any time without needing further assistance.

To complete this process, you will need to know your student email address and temporary password.

The first method you set up will become your default method. The recommended default method is the Microsoft Authenticator app.

We strongly advise that you add a second method, such as text notifications, so that if you are unable to use your default method you can still gain access to your account, without the need to contact us for support. Please see the Set Up a Second Method section for further guidance.

If you require further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk.  Please note that for calls relating to account security, you will need to phone us on 01792 604000 so that we can verify your identity.

Microsoft Authenticator Updates

Existing Students IT Account Information

You can control your MFA methods at any time by logging in to MyApps and selecting Secure My Account. You will receive an MFA prompt.

You can then use the Add Method option under your Security info and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also choose to delete a method (for example, a phone number you no longer use) and change your default option. We recommend using either the Microsoft Authenticator – notification or phone call options as these allow you to use the Remote Access PC service.

A screenshot of a Security Info page. The Default sign-in method is Microsoft Authenticator - notification. A redacted phone number is also featured

Please note: if you intend to change your device or phone number, please ensure you have added a backup / secondary method so you can access to your account.

What happens to my account when I leave the University? Find out what you need to do before your account closes

Account Security