Timetables and Calendars

How to use Open Timetable, and the Canvas Calendar in conjunction to help you understand your study schedule and manage your time.

Open Timetable

The teaching timetable shows the main teaching and learning activities for all modules within each programme of study.

You can access your teaching timetable on Open Timetable. Further information, including video guidance on how to use Open Timetable, can be found here.

For general queries about your timetable please visit the Faculty Reception Team.

Further Information

To view the timetables, please select “GUEST” and not “Log in”. Please note unless you have been advised by the Faculty/School that you have a personalised timetable, the “Log in” link should not be used, as it may show incorrect information.

On Open Timetable you can search for your timetable by selecting either your Programme of Study or by selecting Modules. These options will show an overview of all scheduled teaching activities; however, they may not have details of which group you are in for activities that have multiple repeat sessions and they may not include all optional sessions that may be scheduled. For questions about group sessions and optional sessions, please contact your Module Coordinators directly.

On your timetable, under each event, you will see:

  • The Module Code: This code (ie. EG-163 or CS-115_A) identifies which module the teaching session is associated with. When you enrol you are asked to confirm your module selection (including any optional modules), and after enrolling you will have a list of the modules that you need to attend under Student Profile/Course Details/2023 Modules on the University Intranet
  • Session Type: Your teaching sessions each have a type, these can be Lecture, Example Class, Seminar, Workshop, Practical (Labs and PC Labs), etc.
  • Weeks: The Academic year is divided into numbered weeks, this section on the timetable identifies which weeks a teaching session will run. Please pay close attention to this, as not all teaching sessions run every week. Please see the 23-24 Term Dates to see the teaching week numbers. The week commencing September 25th is Teaching Week 1.

The Canvas Calendar

The Canvas Calendar is not a replacement for Open Timetable. Your Canvas Calendar will show you upcoming events and assessment deadlines that your Module Coordinators have added to Canvas, but will not show you the complete timetable. Canvas will still be used to manage allocations in small groups / hybrid sessions, and all Module Coordinators will try to update the Canvas Calendar to reflect module activities. However, there may be instances where the Canvas Calendar is not entirely up to date.

You should plan to refer to both the Canvas Calendar and Open Timetable to ensure that you have the most complete and up to date schedule.

Timetable and Calendar Frequently Asked Questions