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Our pages are packed with student money related information, advice and tips. You can also access our Information Leaflets, Opportunity Award application forms, Money@CampusLife Presentations and loads of other useful stuff. 

We advise on student funding, financial hardship, budgeting and also provide additional assistance to  STUDENT+  students. Student+ includes being a student parent, a care leaver, a carer or being estranged from your family. Please see Student+ bursaries and available support for further information on the additional assistance available.

For general information on Student Funding check out our Student Finance pages. 


Please see our newly updated FAQs for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

We are very busy at this time of year and want no delay in you getting an answer to your questions, therefore please check out our list of troubleshooting FAQs that the team at Money@CampusLife have put together based on the most common questions asked by students.



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