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Please note awards from the fund are NOT guaranteed.  If you have any questions, please contact  

Not sure whether you can apply? Then please see our quick guidance below: 

To be eligible to apply you must be: 

  • Enrolled on a FT or PT course (External students cannot apply) 
  • A home student or EU student with home fee status 
  • Suspended home/eligible EU students can apply to the hardship fund as long they have been enrolled in the current academic year prior to suspending their studies 

If you are an international student, click here

What does it mean to be in financial hardship? 

We assess applications looking at whether, due to unforeseen circumstances, a student cannot cover their immediate and essential costs. Students will be expected to provide evidence to support their application. 

Examples of when you should not apply. 

- You have not accessed ALL the statutory funding you are entitled to 

- You can cover your immediate and essential costs 

- You have access to savings such as ISAs or Help to Buy 

- You have not made use of an arranged overdraft – we should be a last resort 

- To pay towards tuition fees – that is not the purpose of the fund 

- You did not make a reasonable financial plan to cover your costs before starting your course 

- Unfortunately, we cannot help towards the cost of private therapy or counselling. Please refer to The Wellbeing Service 

If you have any other queries about applying, please contact  

Students must use their student email when contacting any of the Money@CampusLife emails or staff. 

What is available? 

We have three applications* available depending on your circumstances: 

- Short Term Assistance Grant. This is a shorter application for those who are requiring a limited amount of financial assistance. Payment awards from this fund will be capped at up to £500 or up to £800 if you have dependents. You can apply to this fund only once during an academic year.  Any subsequent applications will be cancelled, and you will be referred to apply to the Swansea University Opportunity Award to allow for an in-depth assessment of your circumstances.  Please note, this applies even if your first application is refused. 

- Swansea University Opportunity Award. This application allows us to have a better understanding of your overall financial situation through a more in-depth assessment. There is no cap but please be advised applying via the Swansea University Opportunity Award does not guarantee an amount greater than that of the Short Term Assistance Grant. 

 - Assistance with Diagnostic Testing. This is a capped award solely for the cost of a SpLD diagnostic assessment in cases of financial hardship. It is recommended that students contact before submitting an application.   

Students must use their student email when contacting any of the Money@CampusLife emails or staff. 

*All links will take you to the same page, you must select the correct application from the ‘Fund’ drop down menu. 

Hardship Funds FAQs 

When will a decision be made on my application? 

It can take up to 15 working days from date of submission for an initial assessment to be made. If further information is required, a final decision on your application will take longer.  During busier periods, the assessment time may be longer.  Second applications to the fund may take up to 20 working days so we can prioritise first time applicants if required. 

How do I know if I have provided enough information/evidence? 

If your application does not have the required information to complete an assessment, you will be notified via an automated email with a request for further information within 15 working days of submission. You will have 5 working days to upload the evidence requested and resubmit the application. A final decision will not be made until all required evidence has been provided.  If you do not provide the required information within 5 working days, your application may be cancelled. 

Can I apply to the hardship fund to help towards the cost of accommodation?

Yes, applicants can cite the need for help towards accommodation costs.  However, all applications will still be assessed in accordance with our overall criteria and, if an applicant is assessed as eligible for an award from the hardship fund, it may be that the assessor will advise the student to direct their award as payment towards accommodation costs.

Can I apply for hardship to help towards the cost of repairs to equipment such as a laptop? 

Yes.  You will still need to evidence that you are in hardship and you may not receive the full cost of the repairs. If you need immediate assistance, there is a laptop borrowing scheme with the library. We would normally direct you to the Short Term Assistance Grant, but if you have already applied to this fund during the academic year, then you will need to submit a Swansea University Opportunity Award

I am in my final year, can I still apply? 

Applications need to be submitted at least 5 weeks before your course end date.  All applications will be assessed in the context of the applicant nearing their course completion date. If your end date has been extended, you must provide evidence of this in order for assessment of your application to be continued. 

Please note, awards from the hardship fund are NOT guaranteed. 

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