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Your countdown to Swansea has begun!

Students socialising

This Countdown page will provide you with all the information you need to know in the week leading up to your induction. 

If you have further queries about your arrival, and you can't find the answer within the Countdown, please contact the student experience team


Welcome to the School of Psychology!

Congratulations on securing a place to study at Swansea University. We can’t wait to meet you in September and wanted to give you some important hints and tips before you join us for induction on the week commencing the 26th September.

Ahead of your joining us, we have collated lots of important information that you can refer to during induction and throughout your studies.

We hope that this will get you excited about coming to University and hopefully, will help to settle any nerves that you may have. Remember, for your specific programme induction, check out your induction schedule here: Undergraduate Induction - Swansea University   

If you have any queries about your arrival and you can’t find the answer within the Countdown to Swansea, then you can visit the website to access our comprehensive list of FAQs: Student Experience and Information Guide

You can also follow us on Twitter to keep track of announcements or events that may be happening.