person giving a presentation

Presenting is about engaging your audience and making your message clear. To communicate effectively, you need the right language and visuals to help your audience follow a well-structured path through your arguments. Developing a confident stage presence and speaking articulately with correct pronunciation will help your audience better understand your message and enjoy your delivery.

Communicating ideas with confidence allows you to establish credibility so that your audience believes what you are saying. Developing the appropriate skills not only allows you to gain confidence and reduce anxiety, but also provides you with valuable transferable and life skills which allow you to showcase your expertise in such a way that audiences want to engage with you and your work.

What the Centre for Academic Success offers

We can help you find the best way to convey your key messages to ensure that your presentation of ideas is coherent, appealing and appropriate for your audience whether for written or oral assignments, conferences, competitions and pitches, or externally in social or work situations. 

As well as benefitting from our seminar skills classes, you can attend our presentation and public speaking courses that will help you think about choosing the right topics, organising your material, using the most appropriate visual aids. We can also help you learn the techniques for using the most appropriate computer programs to create effective visuals in our slide design, poster presentation and formatting workshops.

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