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Maths acts as a key building block in the world around us and has an impact on everyday life. Maths is not just numbers and calculations; an understanding of geometry and algebra is key to design processes and the development of technology. Running parallel to mathematics is the field of statistics, which deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. This includes both quantitative and qualitative information.

Not only is numeracy a life skill, but an understanding of mathematics helps to develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving, which can be used throughout your academic studies and your future career. 

At university, maths and stats is a key component of all STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and has an impact on real-world scenarios, such as drug calculations and finance. An understanding of statistics is key to data analysis, necessary for many academic projects, dissertations and theses.

What the Centre for Academic Success offers

Whether you need to refresh your maths skills or build and develop on existing knowledge, we can help you achieve your goal. We offer topic-based workshops, online resources, interactive quizzes and one-to-one support from our student advisors, who are trained maths and stats specialists. We offer general maths and statistics support (including help with relevant software) for all students. We also work in collaboration with Engineering, Management, Physics and Biosciences at Swansea University to offer bespoke sessions and resources for their students.

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