Academic Regulations for the Doctoral element of the PhD (integrated +2) Award

These academic regulations apply to aspects of the programme pursued at Swansea University only, and should be read in conjunction with the following Swansea University Guides which expand on the regulations and provide procedural guidance:

In addition, for the Research Master’s element, candidates should also read the following documentation provided by Cardiff University:

  • Academic Regulations Handbook
  • MSc Economics + MRes Advanced Economics Programme Handbook


The Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated +2) regulations provide a framework for candidates to progress to the final stage Doctoral Element at Swansea University, following completion of a progressive series of qualifications, commencing with a Taught Master’s degree, progressing to either a Master of Research or specialist Master’s and finally to a PhD. Over the course of the entire programme, graduates will therefore receive three awards: an MSc, an MRes and a PhD. 

The Programme comprises three elements:

  1. MSc Economics or a related subject (the Taught Master’s element – Swansea/Cardiff University)
  2. MRes in Advanced Economics (the Research Master’s element – Cardiff University)
  3. PhD in Economics (the Doctoral Element – Swansea University)

Candidates must successfully complete and pass the Taught Master’s and Research Master’s elements in sequence to be eligible to progress and enrol onto the on the PhD (+2) programme (Doctoral Element) at Swansea University, and meet the progression criteria set out by Cardiff and Swansea Universities as part of the Doctoral Training Programme. Students will be permitted to provisionally enrol on the next Doctoral Element at Swansea University following submission of the Directed Independent Learning element of the Research Master’s element.

Candidates who do not successfully pass the Taught and/or Research Master’s elements will be withdrawn from the overall PhD programme.

Where students are studying at multiple institutions, the local regulations will apply. Where possible, the partners have attempted to ensure that the programme regulations are comparable.

Assessment Regulations for the PhD (integrated)

Special Provision, Suspensions and Extensions of candidature