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Academic Appeals Procedure – COVID-19 Coronavirus Revisions

In light of the current coronavirus situation, the University recognises that during the current period students may have difficulties submitting extenuating circumstances applications before the meetings of the Examining Boards. Also that it may be difficult for students to obtain evidence, noting the current pressures on the health and other services, and the University will make every effort to consider applications sympathetically.

It is also likely to more difficult for the University to operate Appeal Boards, particularly whilst staff are working remotely.

This revised Academic Appeals Procedure replaces the previously published 2019/20 version to facilitate a more flexible operation of the Academic Appeals Procedure on account of the difficulties identified. These emergency regulations will apply from 8 May 2020 until further notice.

Academic Appeals Procedure

This procedure is not meant to be used to consider student complaints. Students are directed to the University’s Complaints Procedures. Candidates wishing to request a check on individual marks are referred to the Accuracy of Published Marks Procedure.

These procedures are relevant to students wishing to appeal against a decision taken by an Examination Board.

If you feel you are eligible, have grounds for appeal and are within time then you will need to complete the AR1RD-1-BI

Completed request for appeal forms need to be submitted with all relevant supporting evidence by e-mail to

As staff are currently working remotely, we cannot accept appeal forms or any documents / correspondence by post.

Students are also advised to read the revised Academic Appeals FAQ which provide more information about key deadlines for submitting appeals and about how appeals will be determined.  

Should you have any questions on the procedure or regulations, please contact the Student Cases Team, who will be happy to answer any queries you might have, via email at:  

In addition, the Student’s Union Advice Centre is available to assist and advise students, in confidence, regarding Appeals and operates as a free service for students. You can contact the Advice Centre via e-mail at:

Special consideration dates

Whilst students have 3 months to submit an appeal following publication of the August supplementary assessment results on the intranet, if you are an MBBCh student and wish to submit an appeal related to the continuation of your studies (for example if you have been withdrawn from the University and wish to appeal to be permitted the opportunity to repeat the level of study) during the 21/22 Academic Session you will need to submit your appeal to Academic Services by the dates set out below:

Student TypeDeadline for appeal submission
MBBCh Graduate Entry Medicine (years 1-3) Monday 30 August 2021