What is a reasonable adjustment?

All education providers have a duty to make anticipatory reasonable adjustments to avoid discriminating against disabled students. We aim to continue the development of Swansea as an inclusive and accessible university by implementing tools and practices which support this ethos. This has included the provision of assistive technology on campus, inclusive teaching and assessment methods and accessible design for new buildings.

However, where a disabled student is at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with students who are not disabled, the duty remains to take reasonable steps to remove that disadvantage. The term ‘reasonable’ refers to - as much as is appropriate or fair.  What is considered a ‘reasonable adjustment’ depends on individual circumstances. For example, this may require specific changes to the way in which teaching content is delivered and/or assessed, consideration of timetabling and access to the physical environment, and the provision of auxiliary aids.    

Disability Rights UK provides further information on adjustments for disabled students.