ResLife is all about making your student experience, while living in residences, the best it can be. We are here to listen to your concerns and provide access to relevant support services. We aren’t medical professionals, sociologists, or trained counsellors, but we do know how to put you in touch with any professionals that can support you. 

The ResLife Team organise community activities and events, they can help you to feel more at home and part of the student community. The team has strong links with the Students' Union, Get ACTIVEThe Haven & Lighthouse projects and together have created a calendar of events that will help you find your footing on campus.

The ResLife Team have also put together an accommodation curriculum that will help you through your academic journey, from helping you develop practical life skills to negotiating contracts with future landlords, to contributing to our sustainable living goals, the team aims to help you learn how to be your best self and to gain the confidence you’ll need for your future.

As part of this accommodation curriculum the ResLife Team are looking for volunteers to help with the planning, organisation and running of events & activities. Look out for these opportunities, they will be rewarding and come with some fantastic incentives from your Students’ Union.

Contacting your ResLife Team


Got a question, a worry, or just need a natter? Pop-in to our drop-in sessions:

DaysTimesIn-Person LocationOnline
Monday 3pm - 4:30pm Preseli Reception, Singleton Park Campus via Zoom here
Tuesday Bay Campus Reception via Zoom here
Wednesday N/A (online only) via Zoom here
Thursday Bay Campus Reception via Zoom here
Friday Preseli Reception, Singleton Park Campus via Zoom here

Drop-in sessions are intended for general enquiries. If you require assistance with a sensitive matter, please book an appointment via email.


Looking after your health is important when you leave home, and start to live independently as a student.