SUMMARY and responsibilities

The GR is a flexible and inclusive post study work (PSW) visa that provides the opportunity for eligible Swansea University sponsored students to stay in the UK and work, or look for work, at any skill level for 2 years (3 years for doctoral students) after they have been awarded their degree.  Work can be in any sector and at any level without any minimum salary requirements or the need for visa sponsorship.  Study is also permitted under this route, excluding study that should be sponsored under the Student route visa

The Student Compliance Services team (SCS) is responsible for reporting all GR eligible students to the Home Office to enable eligible students to make valid applications.  However, it is a student’s responsibility to manage their eligibility at all stages of their journey with Swansea University.  Completing your course on time will allow smooth access to the GR visa, any changes to your study could affect your eligibility.  This page has been created to clearly convey the eligiblity requirements of the GR visa thus supporting students to protect future immigration aspirations in relation to the UK Graduate route visa.


Within 21 days of a student being awarded their degree all GR eligible students will receive an email from the Student Compliance Services team advising them that the Home Office have been advised of their successful completion of a GR eligible qualification and that they can proceed to complete their GR application (if other eligibility criteria can be satisfied).  There is no waiting list and there is no need to advise the University that you wish to apply for the GR.  Students with nearing visa expiry dates can be assured that they will be prioritised and reporting will take place within 5 working days (48 hours where possible).  The email will detail everything required to complete the GR application.  You cannot complete a GR application before you receive this email but applications can be prepared in readiness here

To ensure that you can remain eligible to receive this email and upon its receipt make a valid GR application we strongly recommend taking the time to read and understand all of the eligibility information below:

Important Information

You can only apply for and be granted the GR once in your lifetime. 

Your faculty will not be able to go outside of the normal assessment schedules to fast-track the release of your results.

If you have an outstanding Academic Misconduct case or any outstanding fees the Student Compliance Services team will not notify the Home Office of your 'successful completion of a Graduate route eligible qualification' and will not support a CAS application for a student route visa extension

If you have received your results and need to make an urgent GR application because of a nearing student permission expiry (please allow 5 working days where possible) you can email:

Other Post Study Work (PSW) Visas

This page has been created to clearly convey eligibility requirements for the GR visa.  There are however many other PSW visa options to consider.  It is recommended that you take the time to research all of the options available to you on completion of your course here.

The Student Compliance Services team work very closely with international@campuslife who are a team of fully trained immigration specialists at Swansea University.  The team can offer you free support and guidance and have more detailed information relating to the GR and other PSW visas within their webpages which can be found here

Swansea University is a UKVI Licensed Student Sponsor - Track Record

Updated Nov 2023