Here at International@CampusLife we help students, and their families, with all sorts of non-academic or non-finance related problems. Our main team remit is to provide services as fully trained immigration specialists. However, we will try and assist with any queries about being an international student in the UK that you might have and which are not covered by any other specialist team at the University. If you do not know which University team may be able to help with your query, please feel free to ask us and we will try and get you to the right person or information as quickly as possible.

We have put together a set of International Students Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), so please check there first if you are looking for specific information.

You may like to watch the suite of videos below. These will explain all about the International@Campuslife team, and the other CampusLife teams, in more detail.

Getting the help and advice you need

It is important to International@CampusLife that we are available to support as many students as possible, as quickly as we can. 

We have a very comprehensive website that provides detailed information about a variety of international student issues. To see if you can get the advice you need right now, it is worth checking our International Student FAQs first to see if you find the answer you need there.

If you have a complex query or something you need answered urgently it is best to email us. This is a shared email address that goes to the whole ICL team and is our priority method of answering queries. You will be answered very quickly and we usually answer emails in the order received (though we regularly scan for urgent or emergency communications which need prioritising). Via email, an Adviser will provide the information you need and/or arrange any necessary follow-up sessions direct with you.

The ICL team also run multiple Monday to Friday Quick Queries sessions either via our Live Chat facility or Face to Face Drop-Ins. So, if you have a quick question and the timing fits in around those sessions, you may prefer to pop in and see us or to jump on the Live Chat! 

Please note: Due to the size of the team, the complex nature of a lot of our work and service demand levels, we cannot offer an on-demand telephone or individual appointment service, although an Adviser will arrange a phone call or appointment if they think it is the best way of helping you. We appreciate your understanding that setting clear contact methodologies allows us to help as many students as quickly as possible.

Please do not contact us by multiple methods about the same query - we are a very small team and there are more than 5000 international students (plus applicants) at Swansea University that we need to support. Sending multiple communications about the same thing causes delays in our response to you and your fellow students - we appreciate your support and understanding.

Please see below for more details about the Quick Queries sessions.

Live Chat

  • Live Chat for Quick Queries is usually available at the following times:
    • Monday 2pm - 4pm
    • Thursday 2pm - 4pm
    • Friday 10am - 11am

Click here to join our Live Chat facility at the times stipulated above.

Please note that if you have already emailed us regarding your query we will just advise you to wait for a response. We are a very small team trying to help 4000+ international students, we can only do this effectively if we avoid unneccessary duplication of work. We hope that you can appreciate that and work with us to support you and your colleagues as swiftly as possible.