CitizenCard is a UK government authorised ID card which you can access and use as identification in the UK. We recommend students obtain one of these cards to use for day-to-day identification purposes.

Experience shows us that students (particularly international students) tend to use their passport or Biometric Residence Card (visa card) for ID purposes. Every year we see many students lose these and have difficulty in getting them replaced as this can be a costly and time consuming process.

A replacement visa, for example, costs a minimum of £85 and can take many months to be processed. Getting a replacement Passport may necessitate you travelling to London to apply, adding extra cost and time to the already challenging situation. Therefore, we recommend arranging and carrying a CitizenCard with you as ID.

To make an application, simply head to the CitizenCard Website.

Important Note: CampusLife is not able to offer support with, or validation of, applications or confirmation of ID such as acting as a referee. CitizenCard applications are handled by CitizenCard - Swansea University has no involvement or ability to intervene in their processes or requirements. Please refer any queries, questions, and support issues directly to CitizenCard.