Keeping Your Money Safe

Nearly everyone shops online these days and why not!? It's easy, quick and accessable from almost everywhere. What people don't think of is the security risks when making purchases on public computers and WiFi networks. Take a couple of minutes to read our top tips on how to keep your bank cards and your identity safe. 

  • Only buy from trusted websites. Yes this may sound obvious but many of us don't do this.

  • When online shopping, ensure that the URL begins with 'https' instead of 'http'. Also, check for a lock symbol or security firm icon from a trusted firm - these symbols indicate that the site should  be secure. 

  • Avoid using public computers and WiFi when making online purchases and checking bank accounts. It is becoming more common for people to online shop and check their bank accounts on their mobile phones using public WiFi. This can be dangerous as these platforms are especially vulnerable to hackers. Wait until you are on a secure computer that you know before making your purchases or checking your bank accounts. 

  • Always be cautious when receiving emails from retailers/HMRC etc asking to click a link on the email or asking for card numbers - these could potentially be scams. It is best to contact the retailer that you received the email from to check if they had sent it.

You can find information on scams and how to spot them on our dedicated scams information webpage