Show your flat to prospective students

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Save on rent by showing your room during Open Days

By volunteering to show your flat, you are enabling prospective students and their families to visit our residences during the academic year on planned Open Days, as you may have had the opportunity to do when you were choosing your University.

Your participation also offers a number of benefits and rewards, which you can read more about below.

The role of a Show Flat Resident

You will:

  • Have your accommodation (communal and bedroom areas) open, presentable and ready to be viewed by visitors during the times shown below. This is a contractual obligation as part of your agreement.
  • Welcome visitors to your accommodation on planned Open Days in a friendly manner, offering visitors an opportunity to view your room, en-suite (if applicable) and communal areas.
  • Talk about your positive experiences of living in a Swansea University residence. Prospective students really value the opinions of current students and want to hear what it’s like living in residences from your point of view.

You will need to ensure:

  • That kitchens, communal areas and bedrooms are clean, cleared of rubbish and trip hazards and bedroom doors are left open.
  • You take joint responsibility as a flat for keeping communal areas clean and tidy.
  • You report any repairs/damages as soon as you notice them.

To thank you:

  • You benefit from a shorter contract length of 38 weeks, which saves you money.
  • Those who participate in viewings will receive a catering allowance of £15 following each event. We will be in touch to provide further information on this after the first event.
  • The best participating flat this year will be issued with Varsity tickets for each resident in the flat. This will be determined from an attendance register taken during each event.
  • Your flat will receive an addititoanl service clean on Friday afternoon / evening. Cleaners will also do a touch point light clean on Saturday morning prior to the event starting and visitors arriving.
  • If you fail to open your room or cannot participate in the scheduled viewings for the full day, the catering allowance will be applied.

Your availability:

  • We will contact you via email ahead of Open Days to remind you of this commitment.
  • We understand there may be reasons for being away from your accommodation during certain Open Days. It is important to respond to our email communications if you cannot participate for an event.
  • If you are not available for all/part of the event and would like to nominate a flatmate to show your room on your behalf, please contact us in advance.
  • You should not leave your room door unlocked if you are not in the accommodation during the Open Day, and no remuneration will be provided.
  • Please note, if you are consistently unable to commit fully to the scheme, unfortunately, you may be asked to transfer to alternative accommodation which is not part of the Show Flat Scheme.

Dates & Times:


10am – 4pm

10am – 4pm

Saturday 21st October

Saturday 11th November

Saturday 17th February

Saturday 23rd March

Saturday 15th June

Caswell 001-008

Caswell 009-016

Penmaen 101-108

Penmaen 109-116

Clun 002/01-11

Tawe 002/01-08

Dulais 003/01-06

Dulais 004/01-08

Timetables are subject to change, as advised by the Student Recruitment Team.

To find out more about showing your flat, please email: