It is important to register in person your non-UK/Irish passport and right to study immigration documents or eVisa share code as soon as possible after your arrival with Student Compliance Services. When your documents have been registered you can then complete the other steps of enrolment online.

During the main enrolment periods in September/October and January, you will be able to complete your right to study registration at an enrolment venue. At other times of the year you will need to make an appointment to complete right to study registration from your campus of study using the links below:

Singleton Campus

Bay Campus

If applicable, you will need to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), if applicable, within 10 days of arriving in the UK. 

You should check your BRP collection letter to see where you selected the BRP to be delivered to.  If you didn’t use Swansea University’s alternative location code, your BRP will be delivered for collection at a Swansea Post Office instead.

On collection of your BRP card, you must check to ensure the details are correct and accurate.  This includes:

  • Your correct personal details.
  • The correct end date on the BRP card as follows:
    • Courses of more than 12 months in length - the course end date plus 4 months;
    • Courses between 6 and 12 months in length - the course end date plus 2 months;
    • Pre-sessional courses of less than 6 months - the course end date plus 1 month;
    • Courses that last less than 6 months that are not a pre-sessional course - the course end date plus 7 days
  • The University’s Sponsor License number (18UEHPGX4)
  • Type of Permit (Student Route)
  • Work Hours (Work 20hrs max in term-time) if doing RQF6 level study or above

If you do identify any error on your BRP (with the exception of your full name not fitting on the card) you must go and see the International@CampusLife team who will advise on the process for correction.  Please see: for the times you can see them.  (These are called drop-in sessions on their website).

You can also find further information about the BRP card at: Biometric Residence Permit (BRPC) - Swansea University

Some students will not receive a BRP but will instead receive a digital immigration status (eVisa). If you have been issued an eVisa, you will find confirmation of this on your visa decision letter.  You will be able to generate a ‘share code’ that the University will be able to use to verify your immigration status online.  To make your Right to Study registration as easy as possible, we would request that you generate your share code ahead of coming to see us for your Right to Study registration. 

You can generate your share code on the UK Government website View and prove your immigration status - GOV.UK (  When prompted to give your reason for generating the share code, please select ‘other’ (NOT work or rent).  Please bring your passport and share code to your Right to Study registration.