The Faculty recognises that a student may need to take a break from their programme due to ill health, exceptional personal circumstances, financial reasons or in cases where the student intends to transfer their programme. This is known as a 'suspension' and will mean stopping your studies for the remainder of the academic year.

You may apply to suspend your studies until the first day of the Spring Term, please click here for the University's term dates. Any request to suspend after this point must be made on the grounds of health or other compelling reasons and appropriate supporting documentation must be submitted.

In the 2023/24 academic year the general deadline for suspending your studies is 15th April 2024. However, if you are suspending on health grounds then the deadline for suspending your studies is 10th May 2024.

All suspension requests must be completed before the May/June Assessment Period. Again, please click here for the University's term dates.

Please see the steps to follow below if you are considering suspending your studies.

If you have any questions about suspending your studies please do not hesitate to contact the Student Experience and Information Team for guidance.