Money Tips

As a student, you will know that money is often tight. We have picked what we think are some of the best money tips to share with you. Hopefully if you give these a go you will find yourself saving some pennies. 

  • If you've got your eye on something but aren't sure if you should buy it, why not use the 30 day rule? If you still want that item just as much after 30 days, consider making the purchase. You will normally find that you will no longer want that item once the 30 days is up. 

  • Challenge every expense you have - you will probably find that you can cut somethings out. Want to know what to do? Write down every expense you have, look for the expenses that you can fully cut out and look for ways to save money on the remaining expenses. 

  • One tip that we think is very important is to review your bank statements each month. It is not uncommon for random charges to appear on your account.

  • An emergency fund is always good to have so that when you are faced with an unexpected bill you have some money set aside to ease the financial strain. 

  • Stores like to send multiple emails with discounts and offers to tempt customers into buying something. Unsubscribe from all store mailing lists to stop the temptation, it really does work!

  • If you need to make a purchase for an occasion but know you will never use it again, why not look at renting instead of buying. These days you can rent dresses and formal wear, sports equipment and camping gear.
  • With the costs of food rising and food delivery services continuing to be popular amongst students, the cost of eating is becoming increasingly expensive. Being organised by planning and preparing meals, you will have prepared meals on hand daily which can help you cut out Takeaways altogether, meaning you will be saving money as well as eating nutritious food daily.