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Gorffennol is Swansea University’s student-led undergraduate Journal for History, Heritage and Classics. We select the most outstanding work, from Ancient through to Modern History, in order to showcase and celebrate the work of our cohort.

We invite contributions to the 2024 edition of Gorffennol

If you would like to submit work for consideration for the Summer Edition, due for publication in June 2024, please find information below: 

  • Submissions must be from the following subject areas: History, Ancient Studies, Egyptology and Medieval Studies, American Studies, War and Society (Anything under HHC)
  • We will accept American Studies essay as long as they are Historical essays.
  • All papers must be above 70% (first class grade) and the grade you recieved must be disclosed in your submission email  
  • Papers must be no longer than 3000 words (No dissertations accepted)
  • All submissions must be made to the History Society email: history@swansea-societies.co.uk under the subject title "Gorffennol Submission [student number]"
  • All submissions must include cover sheet and should be in word document format only
  • Open to Undergraduate Students only 
  • We are looking for submissions from the academic year 23/4, Spring and Summer Terms.
  • If you have any questions please contact via the Society email, or Gorffennol Instagram 
  • Submission Deadline 14th June 2024

Meet the Gorffennol Editors!

Hi, I’m Abigail Miller and I am the Chief-Editor for Gorffennol for the academic year 2023-24. I am a third-year undergraduate student of History and I am passionate about showcasing the brilliant and variety of work that Swansea produces. Along with my fellow editors, Imogen Graham, Jessica Evans and Alex Rees, we hope to produce an issue that allows the hard work of students at Swansea to be celebrated.

Imogen, Abigail & Jessica

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Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact the history society email, history@swansea-societies.co.uk with the subject “Gorffennol Enquiry [student number]”. One of our editors will be happy to settle any queries you may have.