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This Webpage contains key information about the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Employability team and the service we provide. You will find information and links to our Canvas Hubs, our Live Chat to speak to a member of the team, our virtual booking system to book an appointment with a Careers Consultant or Employability & Placements Coordinator for help with CVs, Cover letters, Internships, Placements and much more!

If you have a question or want to find out more about the FHSS Employability Team and how they can help you, contact careers-humanitiesandsocialsciences@swansea.ac.uk


Want to Chat Live to a Careers Consultant?

Live Chat is now closed until after the exam period and will reopen at a time after 7th June 2024.

Employability Team Services 

The Employability Offices are open every weekday where you can visit to make an *appointment from the Employability Hubs in the Digital Technium at Singleton Campus and the School of Management at Bay Campus. Students will, depending on individual availability, be able to see either an Employability & Placements Coordinator or Careers Consultant from 10.00 to 16.00 online and in person for the below areas:

CV Checks/Cover Letter
This appointment is to have a quick CV check by a member of the team who will be able to review the structure, spelling, layout and language and make suggestions for improvements. CV support is provided to any student applying for either graduate or part time work. 
Year in Industry (Does not include Application Help)
Need help with Year in Industry? Book a meeting with our Employability Coordinators who can help you with your placement search and give you insight into the Year in Industry.
Employability Consultation
A meeting with the Employability Consultants They can offer expert an advice and guidance on your Employability endeavours such as: Job application guidance, Interview Prep, Work experience, Part-time job search, Masters Applications, Grad schemes and more. A Careers consultant appointment is an advanced-level appointment for more indepth consultation.
Study Abroad
Would you like to find out more about study abroad? Or find out what the options are? Book an appointment. 
Online Appointments can be booked in advance using our Booking system
*Although we offer appointments, students will have the chance to have a brief drop-in; These are shorter sessions for quick questions and Appointments are booked for 30 minutes

Student Career Journey

Our Student Careers Journey is a guide for you to use in helping you think about the different opportunities and skills development that can help build your career foundations.  There is no particular order in how you need to follow the journey, these are just our suggestions and there may be activities you complete a number of times or some you don't ever try it is up to you.  Hopefully this will give you somewhere to start and build your confidence ready for you to step into the working world.