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Today the words, entrepreneur and enterprise, are used to describe someone who starts a business; Yes that is part of it.  However, it’s more than that... Enterprise means the ability to make things happen; to cope with challenging situations and work through them to achieve success. It’s really a lifestyle that’s based on...

Attitude. Creativity. Dealing with People & Planning.

Entrepreneurs are no different from you. They are ordinary people who spot opportunities and have the determination to turn these into a business, freelance or social enterprise. Please note if you are studying here in the UK on a Tier 4 visa you are not able to set up a business, for more details please visit the Visa Guidelines.

So why is this important?
As a University, we understand that not all our students aspire to be entrepreneurs, but nevertheless we would like you to gain an entrepreneurial “mind-set and the skills to prepare you for a world of uncertainty and opportunities, the emergence of new industries and an increasingly competitive labour market.

These skills include; leadership, resilience, self-management, determination, ability to spot opportunities, courage to take risks, commercial awareness, negotiation, creative and innovative thinking, prioritisation and time management, problem solving, communication and team work.

We can help you get ahead of the game, by developing your skills and gaining valuable experiences and help for those looking to start their business. Don’t just take our word for it…