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Medicine student and lecturer with x-ray

Congratulations on securing a place to study at Swansea University

Welcome to Swansea University!

Dear incoming Year 1 Graduate Entry Medicine students

My name is Kamila Hawthorne, and I am the Head of the Graduate Entry Medicine programme, or GEM programme, here in Swansea. I’m also a working NHS GP in the Welsh Valleys.

First of all, welcome to Swansea! I know that you have navigated a very competitive field to get to this point in your careers, and I hope you are looking forward to joining the ‘GEM Family’ as much as we are to receiving you on Tuesday 30th August 2022.

Some of you will have come from non-science degrees and some from quite specialised science degrees.

We have prepared a weblink that you can use over the summer that will give all of you some of the basics of clinical sciences that will help you orientate yourselves and hit the ground running for the next intensive 4 years of study. It isn’t compulsory to watch any or all of it but do take a look and come back to it for a top-up if needed once you have started the programme.

The following useful guidance will also be made available to you in the coming weeks on this induction page:

  • A MedSoc ‘Welcome to GEM’ document from the students
  • A ‘Preparation for GEM’ document that includes our expectations for your working in GEM, such as the requirement to attend all teaching, both lectures and clinical teaching (all is compulsory attendance), to obtain scrubs through our Medical Education Office to wear on clinical placements, and that we will be running a shift system of clinical placements to ensure everyone gets a good experience of clinical teaching. More details in the document!

We have also sent you a short, pre-GEM reading list for those of you who want to dip into, but do remember to have a good restful summer break and come to us refreshed in September!

You may be interested to read A.J.Cronin’s ‘The Citadel’ – a fictionalised but excellent account of the Tredegar Medical Aid Society’s activities in the 1920s, that contributed to Aneurin Bevan’s planning for the NHS. It will give you some context for the NHS, and being set in South Wales, is a great way to think about learning medicine in Swansea!

My thanks to Drs Nia Davies, Aled Roberts and Aidan Seeley in the School of Medicine, for putting this fantastic resource together, and on behalf of the GEM Team, Welcome to Swansea!

I look forward to meeting you.

With very best wishes

Kamila Hawthorne, Head of Graduate Entry Medicine

Professor K Hawthorne MBE MD FRCGP FRCP FAcadMEd

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Graduate Entry Medicine Induction Timetable 2022

Tuesday 30th August

Tuesday 30th August

09:00 15mins Grove lecture theatre Welcome to the Medical School

From Professor Kamila Hawthorne, Dr Sharon Hartwell (Interim Lead for PA Studies) Dr Suzanne Edwards (Deputy Head of GEM) and Dr Sujoy Banerjee (Clinical Placement Lead)

09:15 30 mins Grove lecture theatre Introductory session Professor Kamila Hawthorn

09:45 30 mins Grove lecture theatre Meet the Deputy Year Lead for GEM: Christian Cobbold and PA Yr. 1 Lead: Andrew Leckie

10:15 30 mins Grove lecture theatre Library Session Elen Davies

11:00 1 hr Union House PC Labs Introduction to the ISR and Canvas session Claire Vogan and Christian Cobbold

12:15 1 hr Grove lecture theatre Medsoc session: Indroduction to the societies

13:15 Afternoon free for MedSoc: Afternoon free for MedSoc:

Please come and grab your goodie bag from the Student Expereince and Information Team in Grove Reception Singleton Park  during your induction week- goodie bags are first come first serve so be quick!

Wednesday 31st August Thursday 1st September Friday 2nd September