Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work and study.  Swansea University is committed to providing a working and learning environment which will enable staff and students to fulfil their personal potential.  The University accepts that such an environment cannot be created or sustained if individually or collectively staff and students are subject to harassment of any kind.

The University’s Dignity at Work and Study (Combating Harassment) Policy sets out what you should do if you feel you are being harassed and the informal and formal procedures.

There are trained Harassment Advisers (add link to Appendix 1) within the University, who you can contact to discuss your concerns and who can advise and assist you to try to resolve your complaint.

The Students’ Union Advice Centre is also available to assist and advise students, in confidence, regarding complaints and operates as a free service for students. You can contact the Advice Centre by telephone on: (01792) 295821 or via email

You can contact MyUniHub if you have any questions about the Dignity at Work and Study (Combating Harassment) Policy.